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Preggie Pop Drops

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More about Preggie Pop Drops:Are you having a baby soon? If so, then you should know that childbirth experts recommend sour flavored pops for women who are in labor. This is because such pops are less likely to exacerbate a woman's already queasy stomach. With this in mind, Three Lollies Products has created their newest product: Preggie Pop Drops. These are made out of organic ingredients, including evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup, natural flavorings from essential oils that are known to aid in helping with stomach problems and natural colors. They are available in various flavors, with the three most popular flavors being sour lemon, sour raspberry and green apple.

Preggir popsThere are a couple of reasons why these pops are so effective. First of all, the natural essences from the aforementioned sources help with nausea. Secondly, the way in which these pops are delivered is actually quite therapeutic since only a small amount is delivered to the stomach at any one given time. The third reason why these pops work is because they also offer aromatherapy as you enjoy them. For these reasons, Preggie Pops work well for pregnant women who are suffering from morning sickness, something that is actually not really well understood. However, it is believed that the reason most pregnant women get a queasy stomach is because of hypoglycemia, which the sugars in these pops are also able to combat.

The overwhelming response from women who use these Preggie Pop Drops is that the special formulation works well for them. Many of these women are also quite happy because we have not only listened to them but also incorporated their requests and recommendations into our product. So, if you are suffering from morning sickness or you are going into labor, make sure that you have these pops by your side to help you through the experience.

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Preggie Pop Drops
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